Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Romance Book Review: Alexis Ke's The Shadow Box

Author: Alexis Ke
ISBN: 9781603107037
Category: Contemporary/ Erotic Romance/ Interracial Romance
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing

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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Very nicely written and triple X hot, Alexis Ke holds readers attention with this short story of friendship, love and erotic delights.

Afryca has been in love with her co-worker and friend Simon for a long time, but has been too afraid to let him know her feelings for fear of losing the relationship they have.

Simon feels the same way about Afryca but is convinced he doesn't stand a chance.

Then one night by accident they both have a chance to see exactly where their attraction can lead, but can each take the chance to see this relationship outside the secret club they meet at?

Two wonderfully strong, if not for the fact that they both seem to have inferiority complexes. This story is short, but comes to a quick resolution of the characters' ultimate conflict.

Afryca Leigh spent her entire adult life living and thinking IT. When she wasn’t at work fixing and tweaking computer tech, she was at home playing it.  Life was good.  That was, until she realized there was more to the guy next door, the best buddy who she’d known almost her entire life.  Now she wants more.  Her thoughts during the day and dreams at night are filled with images of Simon Ellery doing things to her she never thought possible.  But dreams are just that… dreams.  She knows he doesn’t see her the same way and no way is she stepping over the line of friendship.  After all, she tries to convince herself, she’d rather have a good friend.  Who’s she fooling?

 Simon Ellery kept his secrets just that… secret.  No one knew the true man hidden behind the glasses and the cocky smile.  But, Afryca Leigh is stirring things in him he thought she shouldn’t.  After all she was the girl next door, a friend for as long as he could remember. What her quietly simple voice did to him was impossible to put words to it. It was dangerous.  And this time it’s more than plain old lust.  But will she accept him for who he is, every exciting secret?  Will she accept he touch of his hands and the flick of his tongue or will his secrets run her away.

Reader Alert! : Afryca didn’t know entering the Shadow Box would send her secret desires into a whirlwind of sexual pleasure. The one man she’s dreamt about has spiraled her into a glorious, tantalizing awareness she didn’t think possible. Beware. When reading this story make sure you have two things available. 1. A tall ice cold glass of water and two a change of under ware because you will definitely overheat in the best way.

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