Sunday, November 13, 2011

Romance Book Review: Pepper Anthony's Macy's Awakening

Author: Pepper Anthony
Digital ISBN: 9781937325091
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance/ Interracial Romance/ May-December Romance
Publisher: Broadwalk Press

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When Macy finds herself away from home and in trouble, her father has sought out an old friend to help her. Jerrod is a lawyer in Portland. Recently divorced he finds himself immediately attracted to the young woman, but is determined to do his best to get her out of trouble he knows she's innocent of and stay away from her.

But soon he realizes that his attraction to Macy is mutal and then two of them together is something that he can't keep himself away from.

Macy's Awakening offers a fairly decent romance story wrapped around a series of erotic romance scenes. Although the potential is there for a lot of conflict within the story the novella doesn't really give the chance to take the story out of the bedroom. Not bad for a quick weekend read.


Can Macy and Jerrod overcome the differences in their age and race to find lasting love?

On Macy Wilson’s first grown-up adventure to the big city, she inadvertently ends up in jail. Her father hires an old college friend, defense attorney Jerrod Preston, to get Macy out of trouble. Jerrod is more than willing to help out his buddy by representing the gorgeous young black woman, but finds he must first battle his intense attraction to her, especially when the judge puts Macy under his protective custody.

Still an innocent at the age of nineteen, Macy ignores the differences in their age and race and sees the opportunity to learn all about sex from the handsome older man. On her second night in his home, a naked midnight rendezvous at the hot tub proves too powerful for either to resist, and Macy is awakened to pleasure like nothing she could have imagined.

But the morning brings feelings of remorse on both their parts. Macy knows her father wouldn’t approve, and Jerrod is convinced Macy should be with someone closer to her own age. They settle into an uneasy platonic relationship, both secretly longing for the love that now seems just beyond their grasp.

Then an unforeseen circumstance raises the stakes, and Macy must make the toughest decision of her life. When she lays claim to the man she can’t forget, will Jerrod send her away, or dare to open his heart to love once more?

Content Warning: explicit sex

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