Monday, December 19, 2011

Romance Book Review: Alice Gaines' Night Watch

Author: Alice Gaines
ISBN: 9781603106887
Genre: Contemporary/ Male-Male/ Male-Female/ Voyeurism
Publisher: Red Sage

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For anyone who has ever thought it would be interesting to peak in the handsome neighbor's window when he's having a little afternoon delight, Alice Gaines' Night Watch is the book for you.

At first, completely by accident, Janice catches her new neighbor though his bedroom window with his latest date. Now that she's seen what Sam is up to, she can't seem to keep her eyes away from his bedroom.

When Sam catches his neighbor watching him having sex with his current bed partner, they decide to give her a show. Sam realizes what an incredible turn on it is to be watched. Now he needs to know if it is being watched or the woman watching him.

Lots of sex and lots of watching make up this short novel.

Janice Morgan lives a vicarious sex life, watching sexy movies while using various toys to give herself pleasure. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that the window across from hers gives her an even better show -- a sexy guy who likes both men and women.

Sam Windsor has an active sex life with both men and women. Until he catches his neighbor watching, he never realized that performing for an audience heightens his response, giving him orgasms more powerful than he’d ever dreamed of.

When Sam confronts Janice, he can’t believe she thinks she’s frigid. Turns out she likes to watch as much as he likes having an audience. It’s a match made in heaven.

Reader Alert!: Janice Morgan likes to watch people having sex, and the guy with the window near hers can put on quite a show.  She spends her nights watching his exploits while pleasuring herself.  When he catches her looking back, he proves that doing is as much fun as observing.

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