Friday, December 2, 2011

Romance Book Review: Desiree Holt's Bound and Determined

Author: Desiree Holt
Series Connection: Toys 4 Us
ISBN: 978-0-9847919-2-7
Genre: Erotic Romance/ BDSM
Publisher: Self published by Desiree Holt

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Alix has just spent and wild and fun weekend with her friend checking out "Toys 4 Us" a hot little catolog filled with fun sex toys. She got her bag of goodies ready and waiting. Her friend encourages her to go out and have some fun. Now all she has to do is find the right man.

In walks her very sexy neighbor Mack.

Mack has wanted Alix for a long time, but because of his job hasn't really pushed matters between them. That is until he gets a look at her little bag of goodies.

When a backyard barbecue turns into a great weekend of sex, Alix begins to fall for the handsome DEA agent. The question is is Mack in a place where he can think of the long haul.

This short novel can definitely be classified as a very sexy romp story. There is some light BDSM scenes, some great sex scenes and just enough of a story to begin to wet ones appetite for this couple. Great quick read for those who like this type of romance.

Alix Townsend, uptight, high-powered litigation attorney, has a wild side she rarely unleashes. Deep inside, beneath her tailored suits and frosty image, beats the heart of a woman who dreams of the kinkiest kinds of sex. Preferably with her next door neighbor, Mack Taylor.
When hot, hunky Mack saw his mouthwatering neighbor looking over an array of sex toys on her patio, he was instantly hard and ready for the kind of erotic adventures with her he’d been dreaming about. A weekend of kinky sex took them both to new heights of sensual satisfaction, but could they take it beyond that or had the hours been so hot they burned themselves out?

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