Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Romance Book Review: Samantha Cayto's Wet Ride

Author: Samantha Cayto
Series Connection: Toys 4 Us
ISBN: 978-0-9847919-1-0
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance/ BDSM
Publisher: Samantha Cayto--Self Published

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A little rougher core in the BDSM genre than the previous books I've read in this series, this stand alone offers a lot of hot wild sex in the bedroom and in the shower.

Emily moved to San Antonio to take on a new job. Her six best friends host an adult toy party when she takes a chance and purchases some rather wild toys. She doesn't have any man in mind in particular, she just knows that she needs something like this in her life. Generally she is a take charge kind of woman at work. She has to be, but at home in the bedroom she wants something else completely. Isn't lucky for her that her new contractor is just the kind of man who can teach her all about being submission in the bedroom.

Kevin has heard all about his new boss, Emily, but what he sees in her eyes doesn't have anything to do with the business clothes she's wearing. He would give anything just to show her how to let go of her tight control. The only problem is how can two completely different people have more than just a one night stand.

Transplanted Boston executive, Emily Driscoll, is taking San Antonio by storm. A take charge kind of woman, she controls her business and personal relationships with the same ruthless efficiency. Her secret desire, however, is to give control to a strong man who will show her a little discipline and a lot of love. A naughty sex toy party has armed her with the weapons she needs to surrender. If she can only find the right man to wield them.

General contractor, Kevin Brandt, has the right tools in his belt to keep a lady happy. He wields a flogger and a hammer with equal skill. He’s on the prowl for a strong woman who will trust him with her body. It takes only a little coaxing to get this button-downed Northerner to put herself in his clever hands.

A weekend playing with Emily’s toys shuts out the rest of the world. But come Monday, social rules and an old flame threaten to sever their binds. They have to fight to keep their new-found delights from swirling down the drain.

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