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Author Spotlight: Amber Kell

Author Amber Kell
This weekend I discovered a new author and was able to read two series of her books, Moon Pack and A Wizard's Touch. 

The series are available through Silver Publishing in ebook and part of both series is available in paperback. 

I really enjoyed the Moon Pack series, featuring all sorts of paranormal being with stories including a little suspense, mystery moving from story to story and of course a lot of fun male/male romance. 

The series begins with two friends, Anthony and Stephen, who decide to take a trip to a local club in order to find there mates. The club is owned by a local wolf pack and the alpha decides that Anthony is his mate. From then on the series finds new members of the pack finding their mates, at the same time offering a back story about the pack and a group of mutants trying to take over the human and fae world.
Each story is a fast quick read. Most have been rewritten and expanded from their 2009 original release. While the books feature male-male sexual interaction, which in my book automatically makes it an erotic romance, had it been male-female romance it would really fall under the general romance category.

The fun part about this series is that the author has named each book in correspondence to each letter of the alphabet. The series gets to the letter I in the alphabet. I'd be interested in checking out the rest of the letters and seeing where the series takes the readers.

In the Wizard's Touch readers meet Jaynell, an accomplished wizard who adheres to his father's dying request to go to wizard school. Upon attending he meets his new roommates, a young wizard/elf and three triplet wizards. On the first night in town he also meets his mate, Thomas, a werekin. 

The series follows Jaynell and his friends as they fight other wizards who want to harness Jaynell's power for their own.

About the author from Silver Publishing Website: 
Amber lives in Texas with her husband, two sons, two cats and one extremely stupid dog. Always happy to hear from her fans, you can email her at Her book release dates and previous books published can be found at her blog: htttp://

Moon Pack Series:

Attracting Anthony
Anthony goes to the club to start dating again after the death of his lover. He didn't plan on being anyone's mate. The pack alpha had other ideas.

Baiting Ben
After leaving his old pack in Alaska, Benjamin is looking for a man to call his own. Unfortunately, just as he finds Thomas, a man from his past comes to claim him. What is he going to do when two gorgeous werewolves both want him for their mate?

Courting Calvin
When Calvin's sister is kidnapped will he be forced to betray a friend to get her back or will the sexy vampire, Alesandro, come to his rescue?

Denying Dare
Weretiger Dare Moon yearns to be with werewolf Steven Dell. But Dell wants one of his own kind. When his best friend Anthony tosses catnip on his clothing, Steven learns that sometimes what you want and what you need are not necessarily the same thing. Especially when mutant werewolves threaten the one thing that has become more important than having a pack of his own...having a mate.

Enticing Elloitt
Elliott comes to the Moon pack bar to meet with Anthony. Little does he know Anthony's plans include handing him off to Parker, the pack security officer. Parker takes one look at the slim accountant and knows he's found the submissive mate of his dreams.

Finding Farro
When Farro's son is stolen by mutants it takes him to another realm where sexy fae roam and one of them follows him home. Meanwhile, Anthony goes to new extremes to be the perfect mate for his alpha lover.

Getting Gabe
Unaware he has werewolf DNA, Gabriel is stunned to learn after an attack that not only will he change into a wolf but that two fae warriors are his mates. Now he has to help his men find the scientist who is creating the mutants before his new formula hits the streets.

Hunting Henry
Henry works as the pack cook, happily hiding from a painful past and suppressing his wolf side. Dakota is a wolf given a formula to become a human. What happens when a man who doesn't want to be a wolf bonds with a wolf who doesn't want to be a man.

 Inflaming Inno
Betrayed by his sister, Inno Weston becomes the captive of mad scientist, Lorus Korl. After he escapes with the secret formula to making werekin mutants, he races through the streets and straight into the arms of the vampire Mikel Cruento.

Mikel doesn't quite know what to do with the injured werekin he finds in a dark alley. Instinct has him taking the poor thing home. Honor insists he take Inno to the Moon Pack with the formula. Lust makes him want to slake his thirst for the gorgeous shifter.

Danger lurks around the Moon Pack and even closer to Mikel's home. He soon learns that sometimes a vampire has to listen to his heart instead of his mind. Inno belongs with him.

A Wizard's Touch Series

Jaynell's Wolf
At his dead father's bequest, Jaynell Marley attends an esteemed wizard school hoping to finish up his education. What he finds it that the real education he's lacking is about life. When shape shifter Thomas Sparks claims Jaynell as his mate the pair start a whole new understanding between werekin and wizards.

Kevin's Alpha
When the alpha of the local werewolf pack declares Kevin as his mate, the free-wheeling wizard panics. He didn't plan on settling down, not now, not ever. However when Jay goes missing he has to partner with the alpha to help his friend. If Kevin can't find the confidence to dredge up his magic, his friend could be lost forever.

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