Sunday, January 15, 2012

Romance Book Review: Ashlynn Monroe's Whitney’s Wonderland

Author:  Ashlynn Monroe
ISBN: not assigned
Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Publisher: Whisper Publishing

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Quirky Alice in Wonderland type short story.

After a fight one twin disappears leaving the other feeling guilty and changed for life. Now it is Willow's 30th birthday, 15 years since her sister's disappearance. After a disastrous birthday dinner with her current boyfriend, Willow happens into a psychic shop where she is told to go to the place where she last saw her sister and she will find her.

Following the psychics advise Willow goes home and gets lost in a local forest only to be met by a Robin Hood character and all sorts of crazy things.

Despite the strange bizarre circumstances Willow finds herself in, this was a very nice well written short. It is a quick fun read for a weekend. However, that said, don't be fooled by the below description and the title of the book this is Willow's story, not Whitney's I think there might have been a mistake along the way. It doesn't change anything about the book or how it reads.

Haunted by her twin sister’s disappearance when they were only fifteen, Whitney has made finding people her life’s work. When her most recent boyfriend pushes for a commitment, she flees and finds herself at a strange psychic’s shop. The woman gives her hope that her sister is still alive, but also warns that something evil and supernatural is coming for her. Returning home, Whitney pursues the lead the mystic offered. The lead brings her to a strange world she wasn’t prepared for.

Coming to her aid, a sexy Robin Hood saves her life not once but twice, yet she has a hard time trusting her begrudging savior. Something is very wrong about his world of lost things, but Whitney only wants to find her sister and get them both home. Her attraction to the warrior only complicates her search. His world is fraught with danger, but she finds passion in his arms.

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