Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romance Book Review: Shawn Dalton-Smith's Dreamers

Author: Shawn Dalton-Smith
ISBN: 9781603107655
Category: Suspense/ Paranormal Romance/ Spicy Romance
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing

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Somiar's life is about to change in a big way. Her mother calls her to come home and told her it can't wait. When she arrives her mother tells her a story about how she's adopted and she's the only one who can save her birth mother. What more she'll have to do it in a dream.

Shocked Somiar can't believe what her mother is saying. Learning she was a dreamer and that other dreamers were paid assassins that killed others in their sleep in their dreams doesn't go over well, but she agrees to save her birth mother. That is until she meets the man in her dreams.

Malachi is a Dream Catcher. His job is to find Dreamers before they kill. There is something about Somiar that he can't get enough of. When he believes that she is in danger he knows he has to make sure she is protected. Even after she realizes she betrays him, he still can't keep from loving her in his dreams.

Well-plotted page turner with a cast of lively and believable characters despite the original fantasy story line.

Somiar Ayers always thought it was really cool that she could control her dreams. In one night, her world is shattered when she finds out not only is she adopted, but she comes from a race of female assassins called Dreamers. While in a dream state, Dreamers can astral project anywhere, any time. Since they don’t leave fingerprints or DNA they can literally get away with murder. Now that her biological mother is caught, she has been charged to get her back. At any cost. With the help of her adoptive mother, Somiar is in a race against time. Can she find her mother before Malachi finds out she is the key to the Dreamer he’s been seeking for years? Or will she find her whole life has been a lie?

Malachi Walker is a Dream Catcher who has been hunting Dreamers for the past seven years. Particularly the Dreamer that killed his best friend. When he saves Somiar Ayers from a Dreamer, he can’t believe his luck. If he can keep her alive, he can catch the one Dreamer that has haunted him most of his adult life. But as the past descends on them, and webs of deceit are untangled, he starts to wonder. Who will save him from her?

Reader Alert! : Who said mind blowing sex can happen only in a dream? Somiar and Malachi find out that the real thing can be as phenomenal as a dream. So sit back and relax. And grab a cigarette after the climax.

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