Saturday, January 28, 2012

Romance Book Scene: Candace Gold's Crazy Love

Author: Candace Gold
ISBN: 9781616503451

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Comedy/ Inter-racial Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Abby's life is consumed with her book store and her crazy family. She soon meets Charles, a new author hoping to find a place to host a book signing for his book.

Both feel attracted to each other, but each think that there is someone else. Eventually they work everything out and start dating. All along Abby is fearing the day that he wants to meet her family. When Charles proposes, Abby is quick to say yes, but when he wants to meet her family it is time to get creative.

This book is filled with wit and charm. I fell in love with both Abby and Charles and their families will leave the readers in stitches half the time. The hero and heroine are accompanied by an excellent supporting cast of misfits.

What would you do for love?

When Abby Minton agrees to host a book signing for Charles Greer in her bookstore, she doesn't expect she'll end up giving the man dating advice…or dating him herself! As she falls in love with Charles, she becomes more and more petrified that their relationship would be history if he ever met her dysfunctional family. Between her brother's failed bank heist interrupting Charles's book signing and roses from a persistent stalker making Charles think she's taken, their relationship is one mishap after another.

But when Charles finally proposes, Abby is faced with the most ridiculous prospect of all: introducing him to her crazy family. The only solution is to hire actors to portray her family members. But will that just set them on the road to unending lies?

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