Sunday, March 11, 2012

Romance Book Review: Daisy Banks' Fiona's Wish

Author: Daisy Banks
ISBN: 9781616503567

Genre: Romance/ Paranormal/ Shapeshifter
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Fiona's assignment of going to a deserted island for four months to do research for her company couldn't have come at a better time now that her ex is married to her friend. Sad but determined to forget about the ex, she sets to work.

Almost immediately she notices something large swimming out in the water just beyond the shore. She hopes it isn't a large mammal or her work is finished on the island.

Hearing the call of his mate, Silkie Ronan travels to the shoreline and sheds his skin to his human form. The woman just beyond the shore's saddness reaches out to him. Ronan only has seven days on the island with Fiona, but he is bound to make the most of that time. Falling in love with her isn't what he thought would happen now he needs to decide to stay on land or head back home to the sea.

Quick read novella featuring an the uncommon shapeshifter from Gallic lore.

Only the ultimate sacrifice will save her timeless love.

Left shattered by her lover, Fiona Murray believes not one good man lives on this planet. She leaves civilization to work on a lonely isle off Ireland's coast.

When lonely Selkie Ronan hears Fiona's passionate call, he can't help but answer her. She is all he desires, and for her, he will leave all he's ever known--the deep blue sea. But Fate and the sea are fickle mistresses, and want him back. Will he find the strength to surrender all he is to be with Fiona?

And can Fiona, knowing her destiny without him, let him live the life he deserves?

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