Saturday, March 10, 2012

Romance Book Review: Marina Cross's Jackie's Red Mustang

Author: Marina Cross
ISBN Not Assigned
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Interracial

Publisher: A Whispers Publishing Publication

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Quick paced love story novella featuring Jackie and Stuart, a couple who have been together for two years, but suddenly life is getting in the way and Stuart is feeling that Jackie is slipping away from him. In a desparate action, Stuart tells Jackie they need some time apart.

Wanting to save her love life with Stuart, Jackie agrees to go on a no-holds-bar date with Stuart to revive their love or never see each other again. Can the couple find their way back to each other or is all lost?

Jackie Chase likes her ordered, well managed life. She’s got everything a woman could want and works hard to keep it that way. However, her desire for control is driving her lover away from her. Stuart Marshall loves Jackie’s quest for excellence in everything she does. Even so, the Las Vegas city planner has begun to feel like he’s on the outside of her life looking in.
After a painful time apart, Stuart reaches out to Jackie requesting she meet with him leading Jackie into a night of speed charged, once in a lifetime encounters, which will change the dimensions of her relationship with Stuart forever.
During a night of high speed passion, Stuart pushes Jackie to the boundaries of desire in a quest to keep the love he can’t live.

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