Saturday, March 3, 2012

Romance Book Review: W. Lynn Chanatale's Decadent Seconds

Author: W. Lynn Chanatale
ISBN: Not Assigned
Category: Romance

Publisher: Whispering Press

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Decadent Seconds tells the story of Darling and Darryl, two former lovers who have a child together. Darryl never stopped loving Darling and wants nothing more than to get her back and with their son become the family they were meant to be.

Darling still loves Darryl as well, but she needs to have the chance to follow her own dreams and can't just live for Darryl's. Can the two work out their problems before they lose each other?

Well rounded story featuring an nice second chance at love story.

As a caterer, Darling gets to witness some of life’s happiest moments, but yearns for a marriage proposal of her own. After years of waiting on her beloved to pop the question, she gives up ever having a happy ending of her own and severs the relationship. When she learns she’s pregnant, she has no choice but to face her child’s father on a daily basis as well as the love and attraction she has for him.

Darryl Manning always believed Darling would be his forever. After all he didn’t need a piece of paper to show her how much he loved her, but when she leaves him to pursue her dream of owning a catering company and raising his son, he may have to rethink his views marriage. That is if he wants a second chance at family.

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