Friday, April 20, 2012

Romance Book Review: Cynthia Eden's Bound In Sin

Author: Cynthia Eden
Series: Bound
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

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Paige has been away from Drake for more than 10 years. She knew the minute she was turned to a vampire that Drake, as a werewolf, would never accept her again. When the threat that the vampire made has made threats Paige knows that she can't run from Drake any longer. Can the two defeat the vampire who has been after her for years? Or will her going to Drake be the end of him and his pack?

Well written novella. It is the third in the Bound series and offers a quick look at the author and her paranormal series.

What’s the price of sin?

Human Paige Sloan once loved werewolf Drake Wyler more than life, but then that life was taken away from her. Attacked by vampires, Paige was bitten, and, on a cold, dark night, the life she’d known ended. She was reborn as a vampire–a werewolf’s deadliest enemy.

Paige ran from the vampires who attacked her, and she ran away from her lover. She didn’t want Drake to know what she’d become, and she didn’t want to face the fury of his pack. But a girl can only run for so long until the past catches up with her.

Some sins mark your soul.

When Paige learns that Drake is being targeted for death, she knows that she can’t hide in the shadows any longer. She has to return to him, and she will do anything–anything–in order to make sure that he keeps living. The vampires might have destroyed her chance to live and love Drake, but they won’t take him. Not over her undead body. She’ll slay them all…and maybe, just maybe…she’ll even have the chance to sin–one more time–with the werewolf who’d marked her as his mate.

Some sins are worth dying for…

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