Sunday, April 8, 2012

Romance Book Review: Toni Kelly's Irish Dreams

Author: Toni Kelly
Series Connection: Irish Stories
ISBN: 9781616503581
Genre: Romance/ Contemporary

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Maggie meets Irishman Ethan while visiting Ireland for her best friend's wedding. She doesn't want to be attracted to Ethan because she has decided after her fiance cheated on her she was giving up on men.

Ethan will soon be a free man as he divorce is almost final. He isn't expecting to meet someone so soon, but the minute he lays eyes on Maggie he can't keep his mind off her. He knows, as Maggie does that it is just too soon for either of them to think about getting involved again, especially when neither can seem to get rid of their exes.

Sweet sexy love story featuring a goregous man with an Irish accent. I liked the descriptive location scenes in this novella.

It’s one thing to resist an Irish dream, quite another to resist a dreamy Irishman.

After being traded for another woman by her fiance, Maggie decides she’s had it with men. Good thing she's far away from him, in Ireland fulfilling her best friend's request to be maid-of-honor. Wicklow and the Emerald Isle are more than she expects-—green, lush, and exactly what she needs. What she doesn't need is rescuing by some emerald-eyed charmer.

Newly divorced, Ethan Moore is ready to enjoy bachelorhood. Only one problem—-the fiery-haired Maggie Christy. Unlike any woman he’s ever met, Maggie draws him close and turns him inside out. The attraction is unexpected and inconvenient, but nobody ever said true love was easy.

WARNING: Exceedingly charming Irishmen and sexually explicit scenes.

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