Saturday, May 26, 2012

Romance Book Review: DC Petterson's A Melancholy Humour

Author: DC Petterson
ISBN: 9781616503536

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Suspense/ Crime Drama/ Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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This would probably be considered more of a paranormal crime drama than a romance, but still fits for a review.

For the past year psychologist Vince has been getting on with his wife after his wife's death. He and his son have moved back to Chicago to live with his mother. While back in NY he worked on some profiling cases for the police and got burnt out. The last thing he wants to do now is get back into doing the same thing in Chicago after a call from an old friend puts him in the middle of a gory serial murder case.

While trying to come up with an answer for the case, too many similarities to a young woman he meets starts connecting together. Are werewolves really killing the people of Chicago? The thought is preposterous. Every minute Vince knows he wants no part of this case and every minute he gets deeper and deeper involved.

The story itself is written well. Vince is an unlikely hero, as a man who is still recovering from his own tragedy and isn't quite ready to deal with everyone else's problems. The Chicago and Italian slang get a little annoying at times, but well written environmentally and adding a little gruesome twist is always fun.

Monsters walk the streets of Chicago. So do werewolves.

The Beast Killer terrorizes Chicago’s near north side, and Vincent, a retired police profiler, must untangle the mysteries of the Church, the F.B.I., medieval folklore and his own internal beasts.

Can a vulnerable street waif unlock the mysteries of sorcery and madness? Behind the facade of an old Italian neighborhood, do werewolves really prowl? As Vincent struggles to separate reality from nightmare, ancient truths from modern deception, he must protect his family and solve the mystery of the young woman—and keep himself from falling desperately in love.

WARNING: Strong language, violence and gore, sexual situations, references to childhood abuse, religious themes

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  1. Thank you for reviewing my novel. I'm pleased that you found the romance elements strong enough to include it. The relationship between Vince and Celia is at the heart of the tale. Despite the crime aspects, and the paranormal aspects, I still view this as a love story. I intend to revisit these people and their world in future tales.

    - DC Petterson


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