Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Romance Book Review: Lori Crawford's Thwarting Cupid

Author: Lori Crawford
ISBN: 9781616503727
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Paranormal/ Multicultural

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Cute contemporary romance with a little erotic fantasy, featuring a cupid smitten with one of his charges. No one can be good enough for his Carissa, so Quincy sends away every suitor she meets until his back is turned and Hutch comes back into her life.

For one minute a few years ago Carissa and Hutch started to have something meaningful, but Quincy stepped in and sent his arrow for Hutch to another woman. Now Carissa and Hutch meet again and with a little help from "Miss C", Quincy's boss, the two learn the meaning of what their life can be together.

Still even under orders Quincy isn't about to make it easy on the couple. Even with throwing in a couple of cute hijinks and some fun at poor Hutch's expense, can this cupid really keep true soul mates apart?

When good cupids go bad...

Carissa Langston is a perfectly lovely woman, so she can't figure out why she's always been single. The higher ups at Cupid Headquarters are wondering the same thing.

What none of them knows is that Quincy, her assigned cupid, fancies himself in love with her. He doesn't think anyone will ever be good enough for her--especially not that James "Hutch" Hutchington person. Who cares if the man is really Carissa's soul mate?

When Carissa and Hutch run into one another after years apart, sparks fly. Quincy does some fancy cupiding to keep them apart--no matter the cost. Can Carissa and Hutch thwart cupid and reach their happily ever after?

WARNING: Cupid hijinks, sexy chemistry between soul mates, and adult content.

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