Friday, June 22, 2012

Romance Book Review: Grayson Reyes-Cole's The Empire

Author: Grayson Reyes-Cole
Series Connection: The Lover's Opalus
Digital ISBN: 9781616503833
Genre: Romance/ Fantasy/ Dark Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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There have been times when since I started this blog several years ago that I just couldn't come up with what I want to say about a book right away. I just have no idea how to rate it.

On the one hand. Wow! This author has done a fairly good job on creating her characters. I love the heroine, Raeche. Here is this incredibly unhappy woman, who has grown her entire life knowing that she must be the empress to this world. She has done her duty, even if she is not happy about it. She is fearful of the emperor because he isn't the same race as she is. She's small, while his race is big. She has a terrible first sex experience and it didn't get better the second time.

Some of the story gets sticky for me after that and I find it out of character for her to seek another man when she hasn't been able to understand her own husband. Too much time seems to go by.

Just when you want to feel sorry for the hero of the story the Emperor Lanus remember things aren't always so cut and dry.

This is the first book to the series, so I'm reserving my thoughts and "hearts" until I read the second. Yes, I do think this series is worth another look. Those who like dark fantasy will probably like this book, so give it a try. Just because I'm not sure doesn't mean you won't like it.

When is an Empire not an Empire? When it rules the West, the North, and the East, but the Death White Border to the South must never be breached...

The Empress, all darkness and allure, has betrayed the Emperor. Now Raeche doesn't know what the cruel and calculating warrior will do when the baby growing in her belly is born and Lanus will know it is not his. Only... when her child is born, blonde and green-eyed with milky skin, the girl is the very image of the Emperor.

Raeche is shocked... and intrigued. The game is afoot. Deception becomes unique seduction as the keys to the true Empire are unlocked in this first book of the series.

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  1. Thank you for the review! Sometimes I think of this first book in the series as a prequel. Complete on its own, but surrounding a bigger story. I'm so glad you're in it for the next one which expands on this world and these characters. I love Raeche, too.


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