Monday, June 25, 2012

Romance Book Review: Nacomy Blue's Kiale Dream

Author: Nacomy Blue
Series Connection: Kiale Sons
ISBN: 9781603108218
Genre: Paranormal/ Fantasy/ Vampire/ Sci-Fi/ Erotic Romance
Publisher: Red Sage

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If you have a thirst for vampire stories, this one might just fit the bill for you. In her new series, Kaile Sons, Nacomy Blue tells the story of a three aliens brothers brought to this planet after a god's family feud destroyed their own planet. The three have lived on earth for 1,200 years, but when they first came they didn't know that they would need human blood to survive.

In Kaile Dream the planet of which the three comes from is introduced as well as how they were created. These three brothers are demi-gods, born to the god of their planet and a servant. They have magical powers, as well as wings on their backs, so they can fly.

The oldest brother, Ralden is the subject of the first book. He has known and been mentally in contact with his mate for a long time. He has wanted the two of them to get together for a long time, but his mate, Zoey, has held back. When Zoey comes in contact with danger, Raldon saves her and finally Zoey realizes life is too short not to take chances.

Zoey has had a life full of pain. She's convinced that there is no such thing as love. People come into her life and they alway leave and that is what she's afraid will happen with Ralden. It will take a lot to convince Zoey that she is his everything and he won't become tired of her, but can he do it before it is too late?

Interesting world filled with a lot of back story and movement between two worlds. Through out the story readers will find out about the Kaile's abilities and begin to understand the complexity of all the creatures that live on earth in this world. The writing is sharp. I love Zoey's witt.

The galactic paradise of Maion is destroyed when vengeful goddess, Feily goes on a killing rampage of all of Kiale descent. On the verge of extinction, an unexpected savior gives the last three Kiale a fighting chance by sending them to alien planet, Earth.

1200 years later, eldest of the trio, Ralden Kiale finds his soul mate in dream walker, Zoey McKenna. Self-professed geek, Zoey has been shunned by family and friends with no understanding of her gift and believes without a doubt that love is no more than an illusion. With the looks of an angel and the appetite of a vampire, Ralden aims to shatter the stubborn wall surrounding this fierce heroine’s heart.

When Zoey’s life is threatened, will she finally throw caution to the wind and let this out of this world hero sweep her off her feet? Will she finally find her fairy tale ending?

Reader Alert! Zoey’s cold bed is lit with flames when an out of this world hero comes straight out of her dreams. Warning! A cold shower maybe be needed after this read!

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