Sunday, July 29, 2012

RWA Conference and Rhonda Pollero's Slightly Irregular

Just back from the first RWA National Conference and had a fabulous time. I can't even say yet how many new books I came back with, many signed personally by the author. Since the drive home took about eight and a half hours I had a chance to read one of the books I brought home, so I just dive right back in with a review of Rhonda (we have the same first name) Pollero.

Slightly Irregular
Author: Rhonda Pollero
Series Connection: Finley Anderson Tanner
ISBN: 978-1416590736
Genre: Mystery/ Contemporary
Publisher: Gallery Books

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I must admit this is my first book in this series, but really I think I understood enough of the backstory that I don't need to read the rest of the series.

Finley is a paralegal who enjoys doing the job she's doing. She works for three lawyers all with their own quirky personalities. In this story she has a bit of a crush on one of her bosses, handsome lawyer Tony. Tony is a single dad raising his precocious daughter who finds in Finely a new friend. Finley hopes Tony will see her as a potential date.

Then there is Liam, a local PI who has been a love interest for Finley for a long time. Finley finds Liam sexy in all the right places, but he has a few "things" going on in this life, he spends a little too much time with his ex-wife and he isn't like the men Finley usually dates. 

In the latest mystery, Finley's boss gives her a bag of old clothes to take to the thrift store. When the bag rips Finley starts going through the contents inside to find some odd items inside. Next thing she knows her boss calls into the office and suddenly quits her job. That is just the beginning of some strange happenings. When her best friend Becky goes missing and the police doesn't take her serious, Finley decides to take matters in her own hands. 

While I see this book as much more of a mystery than a romance I will give the author credit for keeping the sexual tension high in the story. Those who love stories that include a lot of fashionista comments, and good secondary characters will want to take a look at the book. Tony's daughter Izzy is a well played character and Liam sounds way to sexy for his own good.

The next book in the series Bargain Hunter will be out in November 2012.


Kidnapping is so last season.

Couture-conscious paralegal Finley Anderson Tanner knew it was risky to break her cardinal shopping rule—never pay full price—for a last-minute date with her gorgeous new boss, but the hidden costs of her little black dress have put her whole life in the red. After the romantic evening turns into a disaster thanks to impossibly sexy and utterly infuriating private eye Liam McGarrity, Finley finds herself down two thousand dollars and out two potential boyfriends. Naturally, she turns to eBay.

To help pay off her debt, she tries to sell the vintage pageant jewelry she received for doing law partner Ellen Lieberman a favor. But when Finley’s best friend abruptly disappears while helping to wrap up the auction, Finley fears the worst. Does frumpy Ellen have a sinister double life as a beauty queen? Is the auction’s high bidder, Tiara64, more suspicious than her name suggests?

Can Finley possibly hunt for clues without irresistible Liam swooping in to bail her out of trouble . . . again? Rhonda Pollero’s hilarious new novel featuring fashionista crime-fighter Finley Anderson Tanner is the must-have mystery of the season.

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