Friday, August 3, 2012

Romance Book Review: C.L. McCullough and Lori Green's Letters from Greece

Authors: C.L. McCullough and Lori Green
ISBN: 9781616503932
Genre: Romance/ Contemporary
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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After receiving an email from her Internet friend, Kate decides to take the chance she's always wanted to. She sells all her assets and purchases sight unseen a home and tavern in Greece. Going from West Coast to the Southern United States, Kate goes to Min's house and convinces her to leave her abusive husband and follow a dream the two woman have been talking about as they got to know each other over the Internet.

They both know it is crazy, but it is their chance to start over.

When they finally get to Greece they begin to start their new lives. Both Min and Kate met men that interest them, however Min's husband isn't quite ready to give up his domination over his wife, making their transition into their new life that much harder.

Good story with deep characters. I liked the fact that the two ladies met over the Internet and decided to follow their dreams. As well as the fact that everything didn't just fall into step like it would in a fairy tale.


They're on the run… To new lives and loves in Greece. 

Best friends Kate and Min are on the run to find a new life. Greece offers Min an escape her abusive husband.

Once there, they find a crumbling home, a run-down tavern and a Greek tycoon who has a soft spot for a faded Southern belle. A younger man catches Kate's fancy and, if they can survive an-almost ex who wants his wife back, they might keep their new lives and loves in this new country.

WARNING: Snarky women with sharp tongues and soft hearts. 

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