Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Romance Book Review: Lauren Dane's Fire and Rain

Author: Lauren Dane
Series Connection:  Cherchez
ISBN: 9781419912207
Genre: Paranormal/ Werewolf/ Shifter
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

After reading Ascension I decided to go back and read the sequel Fire and Rain, as well. Both really good books, but I think I like Fire and Rain a little better. It is a good idea to read both books to really get into the characters, especially the supporting cast. I would have loved to have seen both Skye and Phillip have their own love stories, as well, but alas it looks like the author stopped at these two. Who knows maybe she'll bring them back. Both books can be found on the Ellora's Cave website, but if you're a Kindle fan the books are also available online in that version. Check out the link above to Lauren Dane's website to see more on where to get copies. 

Fire and Rain tells the story of Andreas' third, Laurent. Laurent has been guarding Andreas and his growing family for a long time and loves the idea of finding his own mate and having a few babies of his own. While out on a business trip he and Andreas make a stop to get something to eat and right away Laurent knows that their waitress, Rain is his mate. There are, of course, some big problems. First of all Rain is human and knows nothing about Laurent's world. 

Even if she can overcome that problem, there is also the issue that Rain's family isn't one of the nicest families in the world. The last thing Rain needs right now is an overbearing man who wants to control her much like her father and ex-fiance did. 

One good thing though, when Laurent and Rain are together, sparks fly and that just might be something to continue exploring. 

Sequel to Ascension.

Rain is a waitress by day, but when not at The Black Cat she’s working hard to make her art career take off. Her paintings are the center of her life until Laurent walks into her cafe. Suddenly she’s dealing with a very alpha male pursuing her and the not-so-very-tiny detail that he happens to be a werewolf.

Laurent Cole has been the Third in command in the Cherchez Wolf Pack for decades. His life is simple, good — but he knows he’s missing something, and when he claps eyes on Rain, he knows what it is.
But their coming together is complicated by the past Rain has worked so hard to keep a secret. Laurent isn’t about to let anyone do his mate any harm. But the world becomes more complicated every day…

Reader Advisory: This book has a spicy, graphic manage scene.

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