Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romance Book Review: Lauren Dane's Alone Time

Author: Lauren Dane
Series Connection: Visits to Petal/ The Chase Brothers
ISBN: 978-1-61921-038-7
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing

One of my favorite series by Lauren Dane is back with a short series called Visits to Petal. Petal George is where the Chase Brother's series took place. In this new series Matt Chase's bride, Tate's brothers and sisters are explored. In the book Making Chase, Matt Chase meets the new love of his life Tate. The only problem is Tate comes with a big family she's been taking care of for years. Her parents are both losers and she has been emotionally abused her entire life. 

The first book in this new series Once and Again tells the story of Nathan Murphy, Tate's brother and his long lost love Lily. Now in Alone Time, Nathan Murphy, Shane Chase and Matt Chase are taking advantage of grandma Polly taking care of her grandchildren (and Lily's brother staying with friends) to go out for the evening. 

Since this is just a short tidbit reminding reading of the previous books in the Chase Brother's series and the relationship between the Chase's and the Murphys this book is altogether too short, but it will give you the idea of what's to come. 

Visits to Petal will be bonus chapters that will accompany the print releases of all new Petal/Chase books. They’ll be continuing stories of the characters you’ve met already, just brief glimpses into their lives (and nope, not standalone). The first one will come out in September 2012, coinciding with the print release of Once and Again. The chapters will appear at the end of the print book and also be available in digital formats from Samhain and other bookstores!

Visits to Petal, Part 1 – ALONE TIME
It’s date night in Petal, Georgia, and Nathan, Matt and Shane have some long-awaited alone time with their women and they’re not about to let that opportunity go.

Warning: This free story is bonus material for readers of the Chase brothers and Petal, Georgia, series and is not intended to be standalone.

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