Saturday, November 24, 2012

Romance Book Review: Lora Leigh's Wizard Twins Series

Lora Leigh is finally getting back to her Wizard Twins series next month with her new book Twin Passions. The Wizard Twins series was first written in 2003 with Menage A Magick featuring a far away world where Wizards and Sorceresses rule the planet. For a thousand years Sorceresses and Wizards have stayed clear of each other, but now because they are losing their magick they must find their way to forming relationships again. 

The first connection is up to Princess Sorceress Brianna. She must become the consort of the Veraga Twins, however tales and rumors of how one set of twins tore a woman apart keep her afraid to go anywhere near them. Drago and Lasen must convince the young princess they mean no harm.

In book two, When Wizards Rule, released in 2005, the Sashtain Twins must convince Brianna's sister Marina that she should be their consort. They have heard stories that Marina has been attacked by males before and she isn't going to amenable to a connection with the twins, however Caise and Kai’el are not ones to give up on something they want. They plan to seduce Marina into combining her magick with theirs, however the Sashtains are not the only ones with a secret that could change their lives forever. 

The book ends at a cliff hanger with the possibility of the planet going to ruins and an evil doer on the verge of causing a war between the Wizards and Sorceresses. 

Book three, which will be released on Amazon on Dec. 11 and Ellora's Cave on Dec. 12, features a heroine that was only mentioned once in the second book Aster. The book will feature more deception and knowing Lora Leigh some incredible sexy scenes. 

Menage A Magick
ISBN: 1-84360-457-4
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

She was to be the filling in a Wizard Sandwich. For a millennial, the Covenani Sorceresses of planet Sentmar have been separated from the Cauldaran Wizards, their natural mates. Deceit and blood have forced a reunion; destiny and passion have forced a bond.

Brianna, youngest of the Princesses of Covenani, will be a consort to two handsome, virile Wizards. Will the union be forged in desire and love, or will she deny the union, as well as the two men who are bound to her, hearts and souls?

When Wizards Rule
ISBN: 1-4199-0335-7
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Desperate to avoid a Joining with the wickedly handsome Sashtain Twins, Marina escapes them

at every turn. Relentless, they plague her days, and torment her dreams - wickedly erotic dreams that make her body pulse with the promise of dark desires revealed and a sexual heat that will send her up in flames.

But when the hated Seculars gain in strength, and dark magic weaves an insidious, invisible threat to all she holds dear, she discovers there is more to be gained by aligning her magick with the Sashtain Wizards than she thought.

Caise and Kai’el Sashtain, focused solely on convincing the innocent young Sorceress to bond with them, get a lot more than they anticipated when Marina unknowingly weaves her magick spell on them - a sensual spell that pulls them into a vortex of churning emotions, forcing them to decisions that could alter all their lives.

Dark magick is terrorizing the land, no one is safe, all become suspect, and trusting her Wizards with her heart, body and soul is a lesson Marina has to learn before all is lost.

Twin Passions
ISBN: 9781419943065 
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Book three in the Wizard Twins series.

Astra Al’madere betrayed all. All she loved. All she swore to protect. And all for the Dark Wizards whose passion and heat she could not turn away from. A Sorceress can sense her Twins, the men destined to join her in her power to strengthen the planet of Sentmar, and there was one thing she’d sensed for a while—the Delmari were hers. She could not turn her back on them, deliver them to justice, even though they had turned from her many years ago. A pain that still ripped her heart in two.

Torran and Rhydan knew the road to claiming their Consortress would not be an easy one. After all, a painful lie had driven her away, causing her to believe they did not burn for her. Were not consumed by her. But when she chooses to save them rather than to honor her duty, these Wizards know they now have the chance to show her she has always been the only one whom they desire.

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