Sunday, November 11, 2012

Romance Book Review: Serenity Woods' Whistling Dixie

Author: Serenity Woods
ISBN: 9781616504182
Genre: Romance/Science Fiction
Publisher: Lyrical Press

Dixie can not forgive Riley for getting the promotion she should have had. Every time he tries to get to know her a little better she avoids him. Finally he just gives up. 

When a case comes up that their boss thinks they should work on together, Dixie finally gets to meet the real Riley. Dixie's been hurt before, can Riley break through her shell?

One of the most fascinating things about this book is the world that the author has created around the story. In Dixie and Riley's world the AIDS virus is far worse than ever. Now just kissing can cause the virus to spread. The city around them has also been hit by a major earthquake and not is unable to recover. The best way to have sex is through cyberspace so that no one can get sick. Really well done and imaginative. 


Virtual sex is saving the world, but for Dixie, it might just be the end.

Detective Sergeant Dixie Green’s assignment is clear: Dorsett House, the virtual adventure playground, have sex in her dreams with a complete stranger, and let them record it so she can find out who’s been blackmailing the rich and famous. Easy, right?

Wrong. Dixie may be sexually frustrated, but she’s completely opposed to dream sex. However, if she doesn’t accept the assignment, Riley Hannigan, the irritating senior promotion-stealing Detective Sergeant who’s also on the mission will take all the credit. 

It’s only dream sex, Dixie tells herself on the big night. But when her partner turns out to be sexy Riley himself, she realizes she’s about to find out how advanced this new technology is... 

WARNING: Hot m/f love

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