Thursday, December 27, 2012

Romance Book Review: Carol Lynne's Second Chances

Author: Carol Lynne
Series Connection: Cattle Valley
ISBN: 978-1-78184-151-8
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ M-M Love
Publisher: Total-E-Bound

In the 28th Cattle Valley book, Oggie Ogden story is told. Oggie is a former police officer from Chicago who comes to Cattle Valley after his hand is shot off in the line of duty. He starts a ranch there, but times are tough and with the extra land available he makes a deal with the town and Asa Montgomery to open a home for gay boys from the city. 

The building is on its way to being finished when Asa hears about a boy in trouble and sends his security expert, Drake, and Oggie to check help the boy make his way out to Cattle Valley.

Tension has been running high for both Drake and Oggie. The two men have their own reasons for keeping people at arms length. Oggie not wanting any one's pity for his handicap and Drake because of a traumatized past that leaves him in fear of starting relationships. Now the two men are forced together and having to deal with their attraction for each other. 

Second Chances offers two strong male characters that need each other more than they know. Well thought out plot, with well developed characters makes this a nice addition to the Cattle Valley series. 


With the new dormitory on the Second Chance Ranch nearing completion, Drake Smith butts heads once again with ranch owner, Robert "Oggie" Ogden.

After a shotgun blast ends his career, ex-Chicago Police Officer, Robert "Oggie" Ogden, cashed in and headed for a new life in Cattle Valley. In search of a second chance, the last thing he wanted was pity, especially when it stared back at him through whisky-coloured eyes.

Drake Smith learned at an early age to carry a bigger stick than the bullies who tormented him, and although he’s grown into a highly skilled fighter, he still guards himself against those with the potential to hurt him. Compassion doesn’t come easily to Drake, so when he reaches out to help Oggie, he finds his surprising efforts rebuffed, making him angry at himself and the object of his unwanted affections.
When a showdown between them turns into a heated sexual encounter, Drake wonders if he’ll ever feel safe again.

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