Friday, December 14, 2012

Romance Book Review: Sondrae Bennett's Covert Desires

Author: Sondrae Bennett
Series: Alpine Wolf Shifters
ISBN: 9781616504281
Genre: Paranormal/ Shifters/ Werewolves
Publisher: Lyrical Press

Wolf shifter Danny is tasked with making sure a certain pretty FBI agent doesn't find out about his kind. The only problem is once he meets FBI agent Amber, he realizes she's his mate and now he must decide how to tell Amber what he is and who she is to him.

Amber on her first undercover case after one that went really wrong, however he boss insists that this is a simple recon mission. There have been violent riots in this small town and it is her job to make sure that there isn't a national threat. 

Then Amber meets Danny. He's such a sweet person and she knows she's on assignment but it is hard to resist the man when he is being so persistent. 

This is the fifth installment to the Alpine Wolf Series. It is nice addition to the existing series, but it can be read alone. 

Will desire be enough once all their secrets are revealed?

Still recovering from a traumatic assignment, Amber is wary of the man who shows up at her door with a plate of cookies and a welcoming smile. Instinct warns her he’s not all he seems. Then again, neither is she. Since she was sent to root out the secrets of the town and its people, she might as well accept his invitation to dinner. But when things start to heat up between them, will her loyalty lie with her job, or the man trying to win her heart?

Danny knows Amber is an FBI agent. Tasked by his brothers and the shifter council to keep her from discovering too much, he sets out to seduce her, a perfect cover to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t learn about his pack or their society. He hadn’t counted on a blazing attraction at first sight, though. His wolf knows Amber is his mate, and he’ll do anything to keep her safe and happy. But how can he reveal everything he is, and everything he’s been keeping from her, without losing her forever?

CONTENT WARNING: This book contains explicit sex.

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