Friday, January 18, 2013

Romance Book Review: Judy Marriott's Paranormal Sightings: Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

Author: Judy Marriott
Series Connection: Centre for World Wide Paranormal Sightings
ISBN: Not assigned
Genre: Paranormal/ Romantic Suspense/ Mystery Suspense
Publisher: Whisper's Publishing

Adonis Christou goes to his family's homeland when he hears that there has been strange deaths around the Greek island. As a member of the Centre for World Wide Paranormal Sightings organization he is asked to investigate the deaths. When he gets to the island he immediately knows that the victims are killed by werewolves. While investigating the case he meets the last victim's daughter, Lois Petrou who is ready fro revenge.

This is a very short novella that fits well with Centre for World Wide Paranormal Sightings series. 

Lois Petrou wants revenge when she discovers her father mauled to death in the Cypriot Troodos mountains. The official verdict is that the Park Ranger was attacked by the animal that he was attempting to release from a large, solid silver, animal trap. Two days later she is interviewed by Inspector Adonis Christou, an American of Cypriot descent, whose brief is to investigate the increase of deaths on the island. Although there is an immediate sexual attraction between them, both have dark secrets: they both know they can never be together.

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