Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Romance Book Review: Pepper Goodrich's Afternoon Delight

Author: Pepper Goodrich
ISBN: not assigned
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Whisper Publishing

Recently divorced Nadia meets a younger man who sends a spark through her system. After an afternoon of sexual fun at a home the two are working investigating a property boundary issue. 

Since the two work together, both know that a relationship really isn't an option, but a few sessions of "Afternoon Delight" can't hurt, until someone finds out their little secret.

Very erotic romance with lots of sexual exploration. Cut couple with a few confidence issues.

When Nadia Reynolds and Jax Madison meet to sort out a real estate boundary issue, instant fireworks spark and business turns into a private showing. A serious relationship is not an option for her, especially since she was thrown over for a younger woman.

Jax is on the fast track to partnership in his law firm and doesn't need the distraction of a sexy entanglement. Nevertheless, he's intrigued by more than her real estate experience, and they have several more "consultations".
When a co-worker threatens to expose their risky business encounters, will their afternoon delights end or can their song become all night long?

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