Sunday, April 14, 2013

Book Gorilla

I found a new website that will send you free email updates on Kindle books you might want to read. The program is called Book Gorilla. It is free to sign up. After signing up it will give you a list of genres. You simply click the ones you are interested in.

There are so many books out there on the Kindle list including many free titles to choose from, but I never really can find the time to look at them all, so having something like this, plus others like it including Good Reads, gives me a chance to see titles I might have missed out on.

Here is a bit about themselves from their website:

About Us
In just five years the Kindle Store catalog has grown from 80,000 titles to about 2 million, and we consider it our mission to help you and other readers to sort through all this to find books that you will love reading, by authors of distinction, at great prices (including free).
At the same time, we are working with publishers, authors and others in the book business to convince them that we can help them connect with readers if they are willing to offer great promotional deals to prospective readers on a limited-time basis. Many readers will miss these great deals, but we'll make sure that you -- and the friends who will love you for referring them to BookGorilla -- will learn about them before it's too late to grab them, through our free daily BookGorilla Deal Bulletin.
We've been working with readers, authors, and publishers for a long time, and we've been involved with building the Kindle community since the day the first Kindle was launched over five years ago.
Thank you for checking out BookGorilla! We think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship … and let's get started right now with your next great reading experience!

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