Friday, April 5, 2013

Romance Book Review: Shelly Laurenston's Wolf With Benefits

Author: Shelly Laurenston
Series Connection: Pride Series
ISBN: 978-0758265227
Genre: Paranormal/ Shifter
Publisher: Brava

Coming back to her current day shifter series about the New York Smith Pack, Shelly Laurenston tells the story about the members of the Smith pack and brings back an characters from one of her short stories which takes place in the past. 

When the Van Holtz family was first introduced, in Miss Congeniality, Irene Conridge's roommate was Jackie, Jackal shifter and her boyfriend Paul. Now, all these years later, Jackie and Paul are back with their eleven children. Of the eleven, ten are like Jackie geniuses in their own fields. One is just average, however, there is nothing simple about Toni and her life. 

While getting an autograph of one of her brother's favorite shifter hockey players, Toni meets Ricky Lee, one of the infamous Reed brothers. 

Ricky Lee wasn't one to settle down and he liked it that way. That is until he started spending time with Toni.

The the romance in this story is slow to start, although I think in the end it brings about a strong relationship between Ricky Lee and Toni. Throughout the rest of the pages of the tells the story of  Toni's crazy family and Toni working on building her independence from a family that is very dependent on her for their own sanity. My only complaint is I would have loved to get some more information about the Reed boys, but I have a feeling we would be seeing more of them in the future stories of the Pride series. 

We'll written as usual for Shelly Laurenston's work with a mix of humorous scenes and wayward violence. Definitely not a book for the faint of heart.  

Ricky Lee has no plans of getting serious about anyone, but he will protect Toni Jean-Louis Parker. Not just because he's been hired to do so, but because it's the right thing to do. And if that means travelling around the country with one complicated She-jackal, dealing with chocolate-eating wild dogs, instigating trouble between his brothers, and having the most amazing sex he's ever had...well, who said his job didn't have perks? 

Toni doesn't know how she keeps getting herself into these situations. But even she has to admit there's something about Ricky Lee Reed that she finds kind of interesting...and downright sexy. Now they just have to survive long enough to figure out if what they have is worth fighting for...

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