Monday, June 24, 2013

Romance Book Review: Daisy Banks' Your Heart My Soul

Author Daisy Banks 
ISBN: 978-1-93176-146-8 

Genre: Paranormal, Ghosts, Spirits, Hauntings 
Publisher: Liquid Silver Book

Heart warming romance of two couples one trying to help the other find a happy ending. The hero in the story, Gareth, is the man every woman wants to fall in love with. Strong and caring he falls immediately for the Libby, a sweet American who come to England to accept an inheritance in the way of a haunted shop.

As a psychic Gareth knows all abouts ghosts and those spirits that might not be have the best of intentions. He tell Libby about his gift and that he is worried about her safety, but too quickly the ghost takes over Libby's body and it is up Gareth to keep Libby safe and search for the spirit lover before he loses Libby before he's even gotten the chance to know her. 

Great premise for the story, good story building, a little slow in the beginning, but keep with the story you'll be satisfied in the end. 

Two sets of lovers, one on this plane, one on another, fight their way out of chaos to find love in this haunting romance from Daisy Banks. Find out what happens when love refuses to die, even when the lovers do.

Does love last beyond death? The ghost of Sally Addleforth has no doubt. But shamed and disfigured by her murderer, her spirit lingers, hidden from the patient soul of her man, William Reliance Smith.

Libby Chesterton is an American in England, and she’d rather go home than face the problems her British inheritance has created. Her dilapidated store, with its frightful contents, proves more trouble than it may be worth.

Gareth Saunders, antiques expert and psychic, catches a bout of Lancelot fever as he helps his adorable client with the store and the spiritual possession threatening to overwhelm her. Wedding bells will ring—one way or another.

Two sets of lovers struggle on this plane and another to find their way out of chaos to reach each other…

Content Notes: Paranormal, Ghosts, Spirits, and Hauntings, Sexy Spicy Romance

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