Friday, July 26, 2013

Romance Book Review: Holley Trent's Saint and Scholar

Author: Holley Trent
ISBN: 9781616504687
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press

As his student eight years earlier, Carla stole his heart, even though she didn't really even know him. It was the worst time of her life right after losing her father. Grant wanted to take care of the lost girl, but knew as an assistant teacher he had to keep his hands off of her. Now he's heading back to Ireland and he can't help but take a chance and get to know her on a completely different level.

Carla barely remembers Grant, but she is sure she wants to get to know the sexy professor and acquire his help looking up her father's family tree. When Grant offers her a chance to go to Ireland and look up the information, she jumps at the chance, but can she accept everything that Grant has to offer, especially after she hears that he has been in love with her all these years?

Sweet emotional romance. Grant's behavior is a bit cooky at times and their relationship is a bit rushed, but worth the read.

He teaches about the Irish past. She worries about their Irish future.

Grant Fennell seems to lack the luck of the Irish. He’s had his nose broken three times, his dissertation advisor was a useless lump, he’s thirty-one and finishing his PhD, and he can’t find a teaching position in the US. Then he accepts a job in his native Ireland on the same day the stunning former student heís been intrigued by for nearly eight years shows a shred of interest. Finally, he catches a break: Carla Gill needs his expertise.

Carla is at a dead end on her late Irish-American father’s family tree project. Who better to assist than an expert on Irish history? Especially one with the face of an Adonis and a brogue that makes her want to shed her clothes. She’ll be his girlfriend, all right, in spite of her overprotective brothers and nay-saying friend.

But when Carla accompanies Grant to Ireland to conduct her research, he makes it clear he wants to put her on the fast track to matrimony. The professor wants to teach her something about ‘happily ever after.’ Does she really want her happy ending to start right now?

CONTENT WARNING: Contains swearing in two languages and scenes of explicit sensuality.
A Lyrical Press Contemporary Romance

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