Monday, July 1, 2013

Romance Book Review: Kylie Wolfe's Rayven’s Keep

Author: Kylie Wolfe
ISBN: 9781616504632
Genre: Science Fiction / Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press

Tru is in really big trouble and the only way she hopes to get out of it is by seeking help from Nick Ryven. The only problem is before she can ask for said help, he conks her over the head and with nothing else to do with gets her on his ships and leaves the planet they are on before anyone is the wiser. That's okay with Tru since that is what she needed his help with to begin with. 

The last think Nick needs now is to get tangled up in someone else's problems, but when he realizes that Tru's issues might include some of his own problems he decides to hear her out and help her get home to her family, but when he hears the whole story maybe that isn't the best place for her now.

As the two battle the elements of space, some space pirates and even drug cartels, their powerful attraction gets harder to deny, but Nick knows getting Tru out of this mess alive has to be his number one goal. 

For those who like sci-fi this book has some nice world building along with a sweet romance to go with it. Should make a nice continuing series.


The last thing he needs is the complication of a spoiled heiress.

All Tru Creighton wants is to be taken seriously by her wealthy and powerful family. When she discovers inconsistencies in one of the family holdings, she decides to prove her worth by investigating. After she’s stranded on a foreign planet with no way home and with her life in jeopardy, she puts herself in the questionable care of Nick Rayven.

Nick Rayven knows all about survival. A former soldier and refugee from a world destroyed by war, his focus is solely on carving a new place for himself and his growing business. When he finds himself stuck with Tru Creighton, his life is turned upside down by murder, drugs and an interplanetary conspiracy. To complicate matters more, her presence awakens emotions and feelings he thought long dead.

Nick’s strong sense of duty prevents him from acting on the growing attraction between them, but Tru doesn’t have the same qualms. She willingly follows where her heart leads–straight to the enigmatic, honorable man who is fighting to keep her safe. Will she be able to convince him they belong together?

A Lyrical Press Science Fiction Romance

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