Sunday, July 7, 2013

Romance Book Review: Rue Allyn's Hazard Duty

Author: Rue Allyn
Series Connection: Off Limits
ISBN: 9781603108362 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Red Sage Publishing

Ros Duncan thinks her new neighbor is something of a ladies man and she would do best to stay away from him and stay away from the scandal that comes with it. She knows that being a small town principal means that a bad rumor could not only ruin her reputation, but also lose her a job she loves.

From the minute Joe Hazard sees his new neighbor he knows that she's the woman he's been looking for. He's ready to settle down and find love and a woman to share his life with. When he realizes his neighbor is the one girl in high school that he never got but always wanted, he knows this is meant to be.

The only problem is someone else wants Joe and when they find out that Joe isn't interested, she is set to make them both pay. 

While this story is predictable the steamy love scenes and chemistry between the two lead characters makes it worth a read. 

Chief Petty Officer Joe Hazard defines the phrase love ’em and leave ‘em ladies’ man.  Ordered to recruiting duty in W. Va, Joe moves back to his hometown.  Aiming for Officer Candidate School, he’s eager to get a break from the wild life he’s led. However he doesn’t count on getting blindsided by the one female he’d never been able to impress.

When she first left Birds Gap, Roslyn Duncan never imagined she’d return, let alone as principal of the high school she despised in her teen years.  Those geeky, wallflower days are past and she now has everything she needs—a home, a job, and friends.  The last thing she needs or wants is a man like Joe Hazard who brings back memories of painful longing and inadequacy.  No, she doesn’t need Joe or his outrageous proposition.  But she’s tempted and even indulges her fantasies and convinces herself that Joe shares her dream of getting every student in BGHS a college education.
Reader Alert! Principal Roslyn Duncan thinks that her students need a straight-laced, morally upright example. There’s no place in her life for sex or a sexy man until CPO Joe Hazard teaches her that her sensuality is as important as self-discipline. In fact Roslyn learns that discipline can be very stimulating. Watch out, or you may learn the difference between sexual peer pressure and loving discipline. 

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