Saturday, August 17, 2013

Romance Book Review: Georgette St. Clair's The Alpha Claims A Mate

Author: Georgette St. Clair
Series Connection: A BBW Paranormal Romance
Genre: Paranormal, Shifter, Werewolf, Witch, Ghost, BBW, Erotic Romance, Light BDSM, Mystery, Suspense
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, Ginger, a wolf-shifter/witch, heads on vacation with her roommate from New York to a small town in Florida. While out at a local bar she accidentally insults a local alpha werewolf shifter, Loch, and gets in trouble from her own alpha. 

To make a mends, Ginger agrees to work for Loch in his sheriff's office for a couple of weeks. Determined not to let the sexy man get to her Ginger can't help but continue to put her foot in her mouth.

While she is working for Loch she gets to see a different side of him and can't help falling. In the meantime, a professor who is staying at the same boarding house as Ginger ends up going missing and while everyone fears the worst, Ginger knows he isn't dead, but exactly what has happened to the professor remains a mystery. 

This book has a little bit of everything in such a small package that it almost seem a little rushed, however the lead characters work well together and seem to click. The story is told in the third person, but only in Ginger's point of view. That is fine except it would be interest to her from Loch, especially after his behavior of the first night to two meet. It would just make me like him more if we were in depth with his feels, as well. 

New Yorker Ginger Colby, half witch, half werewolf, all curves, has made an immediate and lasting impression on the Alpha of Blue Moon County. Unfortunately, she did it by publicly insulting him – she turned down the smug, sexy werewolf sheriff when he asked her to dance with him at the local honky-tonk. 

Now the furious Alpha of her pack is ordering her to make amends with Sheriff Sexy – or risk igniting a war between the Red Wolves and the Gray. The Sheriff’s idea of re-establishing his dominance includes a bare bottom spanking, making her work for him as his new assistant, and flirting with her outrageously. But is he flirting with her just to get revenge for humiliating him – or does he want something more? And can a liberated big city werewolf find happiness with a dominant small town shifter?

With the mysterious disappearance of an archeology professor, and a jealous Alpha female stirring up trouble…Ginger may not have a chance to find out!

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