Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Romance Book Review: Theodora Lane's Second Moon

Author Theodora Lane
ISBN: 978-1-59578-499-5 
Genre Paranormal, Wolves, Contemporary, Shifter, Magic, Witches
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

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After leaving her sister at their monthly meeting place, Sam sees a scruffy man standing near a motorcycle watching her. As she starts driving on the lonely highway, Sam notices a lone headlight in the behind her and begins to get nervous. She isn't sure, but for some reason she realizes that the creepy guy is following her. Making a quick decision she stops at an open bar hoping to call the police. Instead she finds a police officer and quite possibly the love of a lifetime.

Deputy Sheriff, Duke, is spending a lonely evening in the bar contemplating his life. He has faced the fact that he's been dying since the day he mate died a few years back. As a werewolf he know he can't live without a mate. No one he has seen has even sparked an interest in him, until she walks into the bar. Sam could very well be the mate he's been looking for and could save his life. He's just got to tell her that werewolves exist and hope she doesn't go screaming out the door and take his second chance with her.

It's Halloween eve and anything is possible, especially with the rare second full moon of the month. 

Very sensually pleasing book filled with romance and emotion. Duke is a strong hero willing to surrender to Sam's strength which is written in so sexy that no one will be able to resist Duke for long.

This book was first released in 2008.

Duke Stevens is dying. Since he lost his wife and mate Grace, he’s faced one certain fact, a werewolf without his mate will waste away and die. And for a man like Duke, that’s no way to end his life. He doesn’t have much time left and only two options – a slow death or a fast one at the end of his gun. His only hope is to find a new mate and the chances of that are slim.

But on the night of the Second Moon, strange forces are at work, driving Samantha Waters toward her destiny and Duke.

Duke knows the moment he meets Sam he’s found his mate, he just has to convince her of two things, he’s a werewolf and she’s his mate. He needs her to fall in love with him and marry him as soon as possible, because every moment counts for Duke.

But Sam isn’t going to give in so easy. She’s been down the rough road of love before and she won’t be pushed or rushed into anything, especially marriage. Not by Duke, not by his dying wolf, or even Duke’s desperate family.

For Duke to win Sam over he’s going to have to get her to open her heart to him and to accept her own truth – Sam is a witch.

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