Sunday, October 20, 2013

Romance Book Review: Olivia Starke's Project Terminal: Devil's Virus

Author: Olivia Starke
Series Connection: Project Terminal
ISBN: 9781937325923
Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Zombies
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Publication Date: October 21, 2013

Purchase Link: Beachwalk Press

Dr. Maxwell Straight accidentally created a virus that is turning people into the undead, ever since she's been trying to correct her mistake. Her twin sister, "Doc", is Max's complete opposite. Doc wants to see the virus continue in order to use it as a weapon. Doc will do anything to see that it continues. Max needs all the help she can get until she finds a cure. Aside from hiding from her sister, she also has to keep away from the undead, which are gaining in numbers fast. Her only hope is Adam Reed, a super soldier who left the project, and Max, years before.

Adam will do anything to see the project defeated, even if it means having to spend time with the woman he loves. Adam left Max years before because she loved the project and her work more than him. He knew it would turn into the disaster it is today, but couldn't convince Max.

Now the two are racing to against time to find a cure. Can Adam keep Max alive long enough to save the world?

Very short story that really needs to be read in order to keep up with the storyline. Really only for people who enjoy a good erotic romance and strong, sexy super soldier zombie hunters, along with brainy, strong heroines. 

Max must put old heartaches aside and trust Reed to help her while she develops the cure for the devil's virus.

Dr. Maxwell Straight once committed her life to sparing families the pain of losing loved ones in war. While she had the best intentions for her role in Project Terminal, her twin sister, Dr. Marguerite 'Doc' Straight, had different ideas. When Max suggested using a deadly virus to help speed healing to super soldiers injured in the field, her sister turned it into a horrific weapon of mass destruction instead. Now Max must trust a man who broke her heart to keep her safe while she develops a cure for what she started.

Adam 'Preacher' Reed saw what was coming in Project Terminal long before anyone else. When his warnings fell on deaf ears he turned away from the project, and Max, for good. He'd given his body to science, but he wouldn't sell his soul. Now Max needs his help to stop the spread of the undead plague, and he'll do anything to see the project fall. What he doesn't count on are the feelings he still holds for the scientist who chose her twisted work over him. Can he keep Max alive long enough to develop the cure? Or will his worst fears be realized—losing his heart to Max, and their lives to the project?

Content Warning: graphic sex, strong language, and violence

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  1. The undead never sounded so much fun before. Good luck with your sales.


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