Monday, October 28, 2013

Romance Book Scene: Celia Kyle's Whitney

Author: Celia Kyle
Series Connection: Alpha Marked
ISBN: 9781310856358
Genre: Paranormal, Werewolf, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing

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Whitney has never looked forward to the 30 birthday she shared with her sisters. At thirty all those with the Alpha Mark was able to go off and meet their destined mate. That would never be Whitney, since her two sisters had the mark and she didn't. What she didn't expect was the letter that arrived on her 30th birthday with the invite for her to attend the gathering.

The next thing she knows she's running off to the gathering with her sisters, but she knows their must be a mistake. All she wants to do is meet with those in charge and get the whole thing over with so she can go home mateless. 

As soon as Wardens of the Gathering, Emmett and Levy meet Whitney they know something must be wrong. Wardens don't have mates. They aren't allowed to mate even if they wanted to, but they are hard pressed to get their wolves to comply and when they do start the matting all hell breaks loose because there all those who don't want tradition screwed with.

This is the third and final book in the Alpha Marked series. These triplets are nobody's fool. They will take on any mate and even though Whitney may want to be the sweet and innocent type, she'll kick butt if she needs to. Of the three snarky sisters, I like Whitney best of all. 

These books are short, but a fun read. Start with the first as they shouldn't be read on their own to best understand the story.

Thirty and single? Well, getcha ass to the Gathering!

Whitney Wickham is at the darned annual werewolf Gathering all right.  Only there’s one problem: she doesn’t belong there.  Her sisters carry the Mark indicating they’ll mate an Alpha Pair of wolves, while Whitney does not have that lovely, swirling scar.  She’s been hauled half way around the world to be stared at, and not-so-covertly sniffed, for no reason.  Unfortunately the gorgeous, drool worthy, magic-mojo-wielding Wardens don’t know why she’s been summoned to the Gathering any more than she does.  Which sucks. But at least they’re hot.
Emmett Greene and Levy Walters are Wardens—keepers of the law and embodiment of the magic of the werewolves.  They can never mate, never marry, and never form a lasting romantic relationship. It’s a hard and fast law that keeps their powers pure of outside influence.
Rules are going to be broken.

One look at Whitney, one hint of her scent, and they realize their immovable laws might have to jiggle. She’s got luscious curves, a wicked smile, and a mouth that would make a thousand men weep.  No matter the rules, their inner wolves will claim her. The only things standing in their way are the Elder Wardens who will do anything… anything… to keep Emmett and Levy from discovering the truth: the laws are wrong. And being with Whitney Wickham is so very, very right.

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