Friday, November 22, 2013

Romance Book Review: Belinda McBride's Toxic

Author: Belinda McBride
Series Connection: Truckee Wolves
ISBN: 9781623002824
Genre: Paranormal, Shifters, Wolves, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Loose Id

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Briony Theale loves chocolate, but she realizes she wants Rico more, so one day she throws all her chocolate in the garbage not realizing how that one act is going to change her life.

Rico is a wolf shifter and chocolate isn't really good for wolves so when he eats the chocolate he makes himself really sick.

When Briony finds a sick wolf at her door she doesn't realize it is Rico's she's taking care of until she finds Rico in the cage where she leaves the wolf and she find the Rico instead. Now all of a sudden a whole new world opens up for the veterinarian.

Great story premise featuring a woman who loves chocolate and a strong hero who has a few secrets. Loved Briony's persona. She is a woman who understands her flaws, even though she is self conscious about them. This should pan out into an interesting series. Light BDSM, but nothing more than some handcuffs and a little rough sex.

There are three things that Dr. Briony Theale loves. Her job as a veterinarian, a good bar of rich, dark chocolate, and Rico, the ranger in charge of the Wildlife Rescue center. When a casual dinner with Rico turns surprisingly intimate, Briony realizes that she might just have a chance with him after all, if only she could lose a few pounds. It's the ultimate sacrifice, but Briony goes cold turkey, and swears off chocolate forever.

Rico Montgomery fell hard for Briony the first time he set eyes on the curvy little doctor. Her rich brown hair and cocoa skin trigger cravings he can barely control, and her fragrance is like the sweetest, richest chocolate he's ever scented in his life. That's a bad thing for Rico, because to a werewolf like him, chocolate is literally a toxin. After his pack warns him off the very human doctor, Rico finds himself even more drawn to Briony.

Rico can't live with it, and Briony can't live without it. And when a certain wandering wolf finds a bag of chocolate in the trash near Briony's clinic, these two will find out just how toxic love can be.

Note: This book has previously been released by another publisher but has been substantially revised and reedited in this edition.

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