Friday, November 15, 2013

Romance Book Review: Susan Arden's Alpha Speed Dating

Author: Susan Arden
Series Connection: Rocky Mountain Shifter 
Genre: Shifter romance, Werewolves, Erotic, Paranormal
Publisher: Sweet-N-Spicy Tales

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Reporter Mari has just been fired from her job after she presents a story to her editor that tells the true story about a famous shifter and future Earl who has been making the tabloids lately. While she's excited that she found the truth, she quickly finds out that she is mixed up in a family game where she comes out the loser. 

She gets a chance to still make her rent this month by working for the evening in an exclusive club just for shifters. All she needs to do is be an organizer, and oh yeah find a costume for the evening that doesn't show off too much of her behind. The evening is going well so far when who walks in other than the future Earl himself and he's instantly attracted to Mari and if she doesn't watch out her whole life could change in an instant. 

This book promotes itself as just a one night story from the "Den", but still I was a little disappointed because I would have liked to have seen it past the one night stage and move into a full novel. It would have been interesting to see where the couple's life moved on from here. Otherwise it was a good story, even if at times the dialog did get a little sappy. 


When a rich playboy's out of control life causes a reporter to get fired for doing her job, their meeting at the Den is about to get crazy-hot fast. 

As the next Earl of Essex, Conrad Fisher’s reckless life resembles a hurricane, wreaking havoc on Mari Dunhill’s career. A reporter at the Denver Times, Mari was fired for her attempt to set the record straight about Conrad’s recent tabloid fiasco.

They meet by chance at the Downtown Den during a round of speed dating. Suddenly, Mari is thrust onto a collision course about to implode thanks to one commanding English playboy.

Running on empty, Conrad refuses join the almighty Wolf News media conglomerate owned by his family’s powerful pack. Without a mate, his parents are playing hardball to get him to fall in line. Conrad marches to a lone alpha wolf drum fused with a fiery temper until he encounters an alluring she-wolf. Driven to the brink by the curvaceous and lush Mari, Conrad refuses to back away when Mari attempts to shut him down.

Now the chase is on. One night and Conrad won’t stop until she is upstairs and under him.

COME SPEND A NIGHT AT THE DEN ~ Novellas encompassing one night chance encounters within the exclusive shifter club, the Downtown Den.

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