Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Romance Book Review: Cheryl Brooks' Unbridled

Author: Cheryl Brooks
Series Connection: Unlikely Lovers
Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Derrymane Press

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Miranda lost her husband years ago and has spent the last 23 years taking care of her autistic son. She doesn't think that she's looking for a man in her life, but she doesn't mind looking when she gets a chance and there is no one that draws her eye more than the young farrier, Travis, every times she goes to her horse riding lessons. But looking is all she intends to do, since Travis is way too young for her and he would have no interest in an old lady like her.

Travis has been looking for the right woman and just can't seem to find her. Every woman he goes out with just can't compare to Miranda. It is just too bad that Miranda is married. Or so he thinks because Miranda still wears her wedding ring. When Travis realizes that she isn't married, but a widow, all bets are off and he isn't going to let anything, not even her age, get between him and the woman he loves.

A little slow to start. but the second half of this is filled with lots of erotic fun.


When passion is given free rein…

Farrier Travis York has found his dream woman in nurse and horse breeder Miranda Jackson until he spots her wedding ring. He attempts to deny the attraction, but Miranda has already captured his heart.

A widow with an autistic child, Miranda wears her ring as a deterrent to suitors. Although smitten with Travis, she can’t believe the handsome younger man could ever be more than eye candy.
When Travis discovers Miranda’s widowhood, she acknowledges the attraction but still sees the age difference as an obstacle. An intense sexual encounter has Travis hearing wedding bells until a bump on the head leaves Miranda wondering what the hell she missed…  

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