Sunday, January 19, 2014

Romance Book Review: Vi Zetterwell's January and the Single Heart

Author: Vi Zetterwall
Series Connection: Single Heart
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: CC Productions

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Short novella featuring Jan, a top notch sales person who is lucky at work, but unlucky at love. She starts out by remembering exactly how long it has been since she has been kissed. On one of her weekly walks she finds a coin that offers her hope that she will soon find true love. With her parents anniversary coming in just a few months and a promise she made to her mother, Jan isn't sure how she is going to handle her mother's disappointment to Jan not yet having a man to call her own. 

She seeks out the support of friends and even takes on the idea of just settling for a man she doesn't really like. 

Glen works in the same office as Jane and is in a similar boat as Jan. He doesn't have much luck with the ladies. The two spend a lovely afternoon on a walk together, but Jan can't get past what she's heard about Glen around the office. 

This familiar themed romance story starts off a bit rocky, but gets better as the story continues on. An easy story for a quick read. Toward the end I was really rooting for the couple. 


Thirty year old Jan Falkenberg hasn’t been kissed for nearly three years. On a serendipitous day she finds a peculiar gold coin that promises to bring luck in life and love. Just in time ... if you believe in that kind of thing! Jan has some burdensome promises to keep and a looming deadline. After making her find, she gains a new sense of confidence ... but nine more months pass and her lips are still waiting for a tender touch. Self-doubt fills her single heart and a hint of panic sets in. 
As time runs short, her risky promises are in jeopardy. With her deadline approaching, she faces painful options yet none of her candidates seem to be Mr. Right. Time and the coin will tell and Jan’s choice may solve her crisis ... or just fracture her heart 

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