Sunday, February 2, 2014

Romance Book Review: Lynda Chance's Logan and Lauren

Author: Lynda Chance
Series Connection: Temptation In Texas
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Publisher: Lynda Chance Books

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When Logan comes home from work one day he over hears Lauren on the phone talking to someone about something that makes him worry that they have serious marriage trouble. Logan adores his wife of six years and can't think about losing her, so he sets out to seduce his wife until her can figure out what the problem is. 

This is a very short story that tells a continued story of the couple in Lynda Chance's Pursuit, but can be read alone if you're looking for just a sexy book on a cold winter's night. Beware that there isn't much character development, if you want that read Pursuit first. 

'Logan and Lauren' has no cliffhangers, but it is SHORT!!! It's the perfect length for a quick read before bedtime or for waiting for a doctor's appointment. 

When Logan Crenshaw comes home from work one day and finds out that his wife is keeping a secret from him, he goes a bit crazy. So he steals her off to the Caribbean where he finally figures out what's been troubling her. But unfortunately, not before he loses his cool and goes completely territorial.

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