Thursday, February 27, 2014

Romance Book Review: Sarah Storme's Starks' Reality

Author: Sarah Storme

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Amazon Digital Service

Purchase Link: Amazon

Heather Cooper is taking time off of school to take care of her father and get his business back on track, when she meets the new police chief Jake Starks. She isn't looking for anything remotely like a romance, but she can't help but notice just have gorgeous the new police chief is. 

Jake Starks is looking for a break from the high pressure of being a police officer in Dallas. He decides to take a job at a small town police force where his former partner lives. 

In his first day on the job he quickly realizes that this job may not be the peaceful little town he envisioned. Immediately the Chief is investigating a murder and taking care of Heather and her father. Before long Jake can't get enough of Heather and although he tried to fight a relationship between the two of them he is quickly becoming addicted. 

The emotion and real-life issues of this story make it a definite five heart book, but while I like a good erotic romance, this book had a few too many sex scenes and not enough suspense for the secondary part of the story. I would have liked to know a little more about those involved in the background crime that Jake was investigating. It would have made a good book into a great book. 


Heather Cooper should be completing her engineering degree. Instead, she's working to straighten out her father's business. Port Boyer’s new police chief may be attractive, but she certainly has no time for another man in her life. 

Jake Starks accepted the job as Chief of Police in the quiet coastal town so he'd have time to come to grips with his past. Within a week, however, he’s in the middle of a murder investigation, and trying to protect the woman of his dreams and her father from a killer. 

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