Thursday, March 20, 2014

Romance Book Review: Diana Palmer's Wyoming Bold

Author: Diana Palmer
Series Connection: Wyoming Series
ISBN-13: 978-0373777242
Genre: Western romance, Contemporary romance
Publisher: Harlequin

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Merissa braves a snow storm to tell her neighbor Dalton "Tank" Kirk that his life is in danger. While she knows her visions are real, Tank doesn't know Merissa well enough to know if she is just a crackpot or he should believe her.

It isn't long before Merissa premonitions start coming true and Tank realizes that the worst day of his life is coming back to haunt him and someone really does want him dead. 

Tank brings in an old military buddy, Rourke, to see who could be after him. Throughout the story readers become reacquainted with the Rourke's friends from Jacobsville (Long Tall Texans). 

As the story unfolds the man targeting Tank decides the best way to get to him is by messing with the woman Tank is falling in love with. 

Merissa has spent years being ridiculed because of her abilities, now she finally has found a man who accepts her and all she wants to do is keep him safe.

As a fan of Diana Palmer of all time, I have been a little disappointed in some of her recent books, but I've seen some of the old Diana in this book. This story kept readers wondering what the bad guy would do next. Of the three brothers I liked Tank's story the best. I wasn't expecting this from his personality in the other stories and it was a nice surprise to see a sensitive hero.

Former border agent Dalton Kirk thought his life was over—literally—when a gang of smugglers left him for dead. Defying all odds, he survives his ordeal and returns to his Wyoming ranch ready to dedicate his future to a more peaceful home on the range. Until lovely Merissa Baker knocks on his door. 

Merissa is well aware of her reputation as the local eccentric—she knows things before they happen—and she's had a vision that Dalton is in danger. Even though her beliefs clash with Dalton's cowboy logic, she's determined to save the handsome rancher she's secretly loved forever. 

Visions? It's all ridiculous to Dalton…until things start happening that prove Merissa right. And now Dalton is not the only target—so is Merissa. Can Dalton be bold enough to trust the unknown? Is this Wyoming man ready to love?

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