Saturday, March 8, 2014

Romance Book Review: Gina Watson's Shatter

Author: Gina Watson
Series Connection: St. Martins Family Saga
ISBN: 978-1941059081
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Gina Watson

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Jessie is going through the motions at her Italian restarant that she ran with her husband until he died five years ago. Logan knows how to help her fix what's wrong with the restaurant if he'll let her help. He offers a partnership. If she sells his beer exclusively in her restaurant, he will help her make her restaurant the success it should be.

Right from the get go Logan is attracted to the widowed mother and when he meets her young son it is love at first sight. He knows that he wants to be part of their family, but Logan has secrets and with this new blow that has been handed to him, he isn't sure that he wants to mix Jessie and her son in his troubles. The only problem is Jessie is attached herself and she may not want to let Logan go.

This is book three in the series. I haven't read the others in the series and so far it didn't seem to take away from this one book. Logan is a wonderful character who is still finding his way after a lot of blows in her young life. Jessie has her own mixed up past and a young son to take care of. She's at a breaking point and Logan maybe exactly what she needs to make everything better.


Logan St. Martin has secrets. For instance, why does he operate a brewery instead of putting his medical license to use? Why is he so unlike the rest of the St. Martin family? Mysteries aside, he is smart and successful in all that he endeavors and he has set his sights on Miss Jessica Hunter, a flame haired goddess who owns the Italian restaurant in town. A business merger is the next item on his agenda. 

Jessica Hunter is on a mission. Her child needs a father, a responsible and disciplined man that will make a good role model for her son. Certainly not some irresponsible brute with shaggy hair and facial stubble whose wardrobe consists of flip-flops, cargo shorts, and screen-print T-shirts. However, while her son has need of a father, her body has needs that have gone unfulfilled for over five years and it seems a shame to waste the steamy bronzed hunk of man that is Logan St. Martin. 

When their first encounter leads to an unexpected but explosive bout of steamy sex, Logan tells Jessie there’s absolutely nothing that can keep him from making her his, including the pits of hell. Too bad Jessie has no intention of following him on his way to eternal damnation

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