Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Romance Book Review: Tamara Morgan's The Party Girl

Author: Tamara Morgan
Series Connection: Getting Physical
eISBN: 9781426897931
Genre: Contemporary romance
Publisher: Carina Press

Purchase Link: Amazon

Kendra is a free loving party girl. When her friend Lincoln shows up on her doorstep bleeding and needing help he convinces her to bring him to his friend, recluse Noah. One look at Noah and she's ready to jump into an affair with him.

Noah is totally attracted to Kendra, but he lives by many rules and one is to not fool around with his friend's woman and Noah knows that that Lincoln is in love with Kendra.

While helping Lincoln recuperate at Noah's home, Kendra and Noah get the chance to spend a lot of time together. While Kendra knows for sure that there is nothing and never will be anything between her and Lincoln, Noah won't take the next step with Kendra.

Will attraction win out and if it does can Kendra help heal Noah enough for them to form a relationship in the world instead of hidden away on his property?

This is the third and first book I've read in the Getting Physical series. It can be read alone, but other members of the series cameo in this book. I absolutely loved this storyline and both of the main characters in this book. Noah's many issues are believable if not a drastic way to handle the problems of his past. Kendra is a vivacious and happy business owner. I will definitely be looking into the other books by Tamara Morgan.


Kendra Khuso isn’t looking for long-term. Her traditional Indian family believes it’s time she settled down with a parent-approved husband. Instead, she’s focused on building her business by day and then enjoying all the nightlife has to offer…until she meets Noah.

Noah Walker is happy with a solitary, sustainable life on a plot of land outside of town. He left a high-maintenance relationship behind him and he just wants to keep his head down and his hands busy, living off the grid and making no plans…until he falls for Kendra.

The attraction is mutual and their chemistry is electric. There’s just one problem: Noah’s best friend, Lincoln, is head-over-heels in love with Kendra even though she’s keeping him firmly in the friend zone. Noah refuses to break the bro code by pursuing a woman his best friend professes to love—but Kendra is determined to get her man, even if it means giving up the social scene for the simple life.

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