Sunday, June 22, 2014

Romance Book Review: Constance Bretes' The Last Dig

Author: Constance Bretes
Digital ISBN: 9781940744247
Genre(s): Romantic Suspense, Contemporary
Publisher: Beachwalk Press, Inc

Purchase Link: Beachwalk

While at a dig site paleontologist Caroline Priest and her team find a dead body. Immediately they call the police into investigate. In walks Caroline's high school flame, police chief Rand Callahan. 

Since being back in her hometown Caroline has done everything she can to avoid seeing Rand. After the way he left and never got in touch with her again, she decided it wasn't worth meeting up with him again. 

Now they are forced together again as Caroline is accused of killing the man found at her dig site. 

This is a fairly quick read story with light suspense and a bit of a mystery. This man is a stranger to Caroline and even Rand doesn't believe that she didn't kill him. I've read more intense, suspenseful mysteries, this one book is good for those who don't want to delve into an all out hardcore mystery novel. The writing is well executed and the characters well developed. 

Bones, bodies, and a love rekindled.

Paleontologist Caroline Priest is shocked when she finds a dead body at her dig site. When she calls it in to the sheriff's department, her former boyfriend, Rand Callahan, comes out to investigate. The evidence quickly starts to point to Caroline being the killer, and Rand has no choice but to arrest her.

It's clear to Caroline that she's been set up, but by who and for what reason? While Caroline is out on bail, Rand rekindles his relationship with her as they try to solve the mystery before it's too late.

Content Warning: contains some sexual content

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