Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Romance Book Review: Georgette St. Clair's Bride Of The Alpha

Author: Georgette St. Clair
Series Connection: Timber Valley Pack
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifter Romance, BBW Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Georgette St. Clair

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In an effort to help one of her college roommates, Camilla, wolf shifter Josephine Southpaw spends almost all her savings on a charm that will allow her to look exactly like Camilla. The idea is to save her friend from an arranged marriage to an alpha that Josephine has heard all kinds of rumors about. 

When she gets to the wedding, posing as Camilla, she soon realizes she isn't fooling the groom who insists on taking care of the marriage first thing. Josephine's plans are further ruined, when the pack alpha convinces Josephine to stay for just a little while longer for the safety of her friend. 

Just a nice overall book. The characters are nicely developed. Josephine is a big girl who has a lot of issues that stem back to her childhood. Alpha Max is a strong character that doesn't exactly play far and seems to have no problem with experience some hot sex scenes with Josephine, however since this is totally written in the first person on Josephine side readers don't have a good chance to examine, Max's character except that there is no doubt he is dominate and a strong alpha. This is the first in the series and would be interesting to see where the series continues. 

The Timber Valley pack has a terrible reputation. Word is their males are dominant, kinky, and possessive – and Josephine’s best friend from college is being forced to marry one? No way! 

Curvy wolf shifter Josephine Southpaw’s got the perfect solution. Using a magic charm, she’ll disguise herself as the slender, beautiful Camille on her wedding day – while Camille hightails it out of town with the wolf she really loves. Of course, the Alpha will ditch Josephine the second he gets her back to the wedding suite and sees what his chubby bride really looks like. What could possibly go wrong? 

Well, for starters, Alpha Maxwell Battle is smokin’ hot. And he takes one look at Josephine and vows to never let her go – but he’s going to punish her for her trickery in deliciously sexy ways. And finally, Josephine’s friends keep staging well-intentioned rescue attempts, but she’s no longer sure she wants to be rescued. 

But Josephine’s not the only one with secrets. It soon becomes very clear that Maxwell’s hiding something big, a secret that puts not only Josephine’s heart but her life at risk. 

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