Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Romance Book Review: Kaylie Newell's "The Mariner's Gift"

Author: Kaylie Newell
Digital ISBN: 9781940744308
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance / Holiday Theme
Publisher: Beachwalk Press

Purchase Link: Beachwalk

Zola comes home to write a story about Alcatraz with the help of her old high school crush and friend Oliver. All through high school Zola wanted to be more than friends with Oliver, but he never seemed interested and she was too insecure to find out. 

Twenty years later Zola is a journalist with the LA Times, she seems to have everything, but living in the big city isn't all that and seeing the new adult interest in Oliver's eyes makes her wonder just what could be in the future, but in some ways she is still as insecure as she was as a teenager. 

Quick read that features two nicely developed characters and a surprise ending. 

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you least expect.

When LA Times journalist Zola Mitchell decides to head home to San Francisco in December, it's to write a piece on the legendary Alcatraz prison. It has nothing to do with her high school crush Oliver Tworek, who's recently moved back to start up a tour boat business to The Rock. At least, that's what she keeps telling herself.

But when Oliver asks her to dinner, Zola can't refuse. And when he kisses her under a display of Christmas fireworks from aboard his boat, she can barely remember her own name.
After twenty years, nothing seems to have changed. Oliver's still popular and gorgeous, and Zola's still…well, Zola. Behind the successful job, and underneath her shiny, new grown-up exterior, Zola still feels like the skinny girl from junior year English class. Will she ever be able to conquer those insecurities? And more importantly, will she ever get to know the real Oliver—the one who might just have a few secrets of his own?

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